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Technology changes. We're here to stay. We're a seasoned team that sources the best software and hardware solutions for a diverse range of organizations.

Largest HPE Technology Lab in CANADA

over 19,000 devices deployed & supported each year

PC Corp is a leader within Alberta in delivering
Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions

We manage complex I.T. procurement projects including enterprise multi-site deployments, inventory management, international deliveries, imaging, and emergency sourcing, without difficulty.

Our I.T. Procurement gives you more than just hardware and software:

Strategy Comes First

Modern I.T. infrastructure solutions need to be flexible to meet the changing needs of business. It’s important to identify the key requirements of your organization and stakeholders. Understanding the challenges, limitations and pitfalls of different technology options is the domain of our I.T. experts. With PC Corp, strategy planning comes standard at the start of every project. Our seasoned I.T. engineers and project managers ensure you’ll have solid I.T. infrastructure today and for years to come.

Flexibility Comes Standard

Gone are the days of a ‘one-size’ solution for the standard business. In today’s dynamic business environment flexible tools and systems are needed. I.T. Infrastructure systems need to be scalable, flexible and secure so you can have the confidence to move your organization forward.  Our decades-long track record of enterprise success proves that we have the experience to imagine a flexible I.T. procurement solution that will help drive your growth.

Work with Senior IT Professionals

To coin a phrase, our I.T. staff has been there and done that.  Experience is a remarkable teacher – it allows our personnel to confidently and thoroughly assess your needs and create an elegant and efficient solution based on what has worked for other clients across a variety of industries. Our seasoned I.T. professionals understand the common pitfalls to I.T. infrastructure implementations so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Long-standing relationships with our technology partners give you:

  • Faster answers to challenging problems
  • Better pricing on software and hardware products
  • Access to new and upcoming technologies

PC Corp’s procurement team really has taken the time to understand our business which has really streamlined our purchasing processes. Such a breath of fresh air to work with PC Corp!

- Teresa Popowicz, Black Cat Blades Ltd.

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